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Weekly Lists #84: Favourite Bookstagram Accounts

I feel like a “finally” might be in its place here. You see, for someone who follows approximately 85% bookstagrammers, I haven’t really talked about my favourite bookstagram accounts yet. That’s about to change, though, with this list of 5 of my absolute favourites! 1. Stellette_reads Een foto die is geplaatst door Yasmin-Stella, Gryffindor 👑 […]

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Weekly Lists #83: 5 Favourite Blogposts April

It’s time for my favourite blogposts of April! Again! Help I have a master’s dissertation to finish! (anybody else having flashbacks to last year, around this time? No? Just me? Okay then). Now, I promise I didn’t do this on purpose – I promise! But, somehow, basically this entire list consists of posts either by Modern Mrs […]

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Weekly Lists #81: Favourite Foodstagram Accounts

Food, pretty things and usually some organisation or nice arrangements – all the best things about foodstagram and here are my favourites! 1. Julieskitchen Een foto die is geplaatst door Julie Lee (@julieskitchen) op 15 Dec 2016 om 12:39 PST I don’t know about you, but to me these types of pictures just give me […]

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