Book Tags #8: The To Be Read Tag


So you know how everybody and their dog has this seemingly endless list of books that they swear they’re going to get to someday? Yes, well, this TBR-tag is completely about that. I came across it on the Books in her Head blog. And because my TBR on Goodreads is currently basically ridiculous – I just couldn’t not […]

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Phone Tour


So I’m back with a bit of a fun post! I already did a “What’s on my Desk Tour” quite a while back and lately I was thinking: wouldn’t it be great to another, similar post? I’ve been seeing a couple of people on YouTube doing a “what’s on my phone”-tag, so I figured I might […]

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Book Tags #7: The Book Courtship Tag


And I’m back at it again with the book tags! This Book Courtship Tag, though, just seemed like so much fun when I first came across it on A Booklover’s Playlist… I just couldn’t not do it! The idea is simple: we all tend to fall in love with books. So here’s a tag that describes […]

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Weekly Lists #57: Favourite Dramatic Films


As you may or may not have heard – it’s fall! With that come early nightfall and colder temperatures. And in general just: the perfect conditions to cuddle in front of your tv with a nice movie. In my case, that doesn’t actually happen all that often, but when it does? There’s usually dramatic films playing. […]

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